Information about MEASLES vaccination from Dr. Hassink, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics: Measles Info

Parents can find very specific information about the vaccines their baby needs from several reliable sources: NYSDOHCDCAcademy of Pediatrics

Health advisory: Those traveling to the Carribean, especially people performing missionary work, are at risk for dengue fever, a disease spread by mosquitoes.  It is important to use mosquito repellent and mosquito netting, especially in places and times of day when mosquitoes are prevalent.

American Academy of Pediatrics: for all kinds of pediatric health information

ACLS Training Center:  Choking and the Heimlich Maneuver

 Centers for Disease Control -  foreign travel information:

 Vaccine information from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: A non-profit organization committed to providing accurate information about vaccines

 White Plains Hospital Center:

Sleep Help for Children information:  Children's Sleep Guide

 Car Seat Information:

Go to to find out where you can have your car seat inspected.

Car Seats for Special Needs Children

New York State Department of Health:

Westchester County Department of Health:

 Quit smoking:

AAP Smoking:

Children of Alcoholics Foundation:

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