William Lee, MD, FAAP       Scott Bookner, MD, FAAP       Judith Halpern, MD, FAAP       Minella Lentini, MD, FAAP

Scarsdale Pediatrics is a friendly, state-of-the-art medical practice specializing in the care of children and adolescents from birth until 21 years of age. Our office is conveniently located in the center of the Village of Scarsdale and has on-site valet parking. We are open seven days per week and have evening hours. We have separate waiting rooms for sick and well children. (During the Covid-19 pandemic, children are brought immediately into an exam room). Drs. Lee, Bookner and Halpern are board-certified and have been practicing pediatrics for many years.  Dr. Lentini recently graduated from her residency program and is board-certified.  Dr. Bookner is the past-Director of Pediatrics at White Plains Hospital Center. Dr. Lee is the camp physician for Camp Mohawk in White Plains.


June 5, 2023

Dear patients, families, friends, and colleagues,

I will be retiring from direct patient care, effective August 1, 2023. I have been a part of Scarsdale Pediatric Associates for 36 wonderful years, and it is time to start a new chapter in my life.

Scarsdale Pediatrics will continue to provide top-notch pediatric care. Drs. Bookner, Halpern, Lentini, and my future replacement will continue to promote the holistic and exceptional practice of pediatrics promoted by our founder, Dr Gloria Edis.

I would like to thank the patients and their families for making my 36 year journey so enjoyable. It has been a pleasure and honor helping our patients grow up to be responsible members of society, and even having some of our former patient graduates now bringing their own children here. I am grateful for the education that I have received here. The diversity of our patient population has given me the opportunity to learn about so many different cultures, religions and countries. I hope that I have been able to impart medical knowledge in return.

I also would like to thank the interns who followed me around like ducklings in the office. Teaching medicine always seemed to energize me. To those interns who elected not to seek a career in medicine, I thank you for your time, and I hope that I taught you some knowledge about other careers, music, movies, sports, etc.. To those who elected to go to medical school, thank you for keeping my record for interns at 100% success for entrance into medical school. I hope that I have helped a little in your future success.

Moreover, I would like to thank my staff. Contributions from the business manager, front staff, back staff, and insurance dept. have all helped Scarsdale Pediatrics achieve its wonderful reputation. My success as a pediatrician is clearly a result of their efforts.

Lastly, I would like to thank my wife and daughter for their support. Without them, I would not have been able to contribute to the successful growth of Scarsdale Pediatrics.


William Lee, MD, FAAP

PS: May the “force” at SPA continue!



WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT ALL PATIENTS WHO ARE ELIGIBLE FOR COVID-19 VACCINATION SIGN UP TO RECEIVE THE VACCINE.  The vaccines are safe and effective.  They protect your child, your family, your acquaintances and our entire community. 

Please call our office 914-725-0800 or visit the NY State DOH website to schedule an appointment:

COVID-19 Vaccine | COVID-19 Vaccine (ny.gov)

COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form 6m-11y

We are now making appointments for children ages 6 mos. through 5 years for the 2-dose series of Moderna Covid19 vaccines.   We will be setting up several clinic days for these vaccines.  Vaccines should be administered at least 28 days apart.    Please call our office during regular hours to ask to have your child scheduled for the 2 doses of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine: 914-725-0800.  Due to multiple factors, we will likely not have sufficient vaccine or dates available to accommodate every single patient.  Therefore, we strongly suggest that if your child is able to receive the vaccine at school or a local pharmacy or DOH site, that you try to schedule an appointment there.  Please note, that we will not be administering Covid vaccines for those who are 6 years or older.  Although we encourage all those who are eligible to receive the vaccines, you should continue to schedule vaccines for those 6 and older at a local pharmacy or DOH site (see above link).


Influenza is a disease that is highly contagious and sickens millions of Americans every year, killing thousands, including healthy children.  The CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, NY Sate Department of Health, and our doctors strongly recommend that each child aged 6 mos. and older (and their caretakers!) receive a vaccination for influenza each year.

Flu vaccines are now available.  Watch this space for updates.  You may call (during regular hours please), to schedule your child's flu vaccine.  If your child will be seen in the fall for a routine check-up, a flu vaccine may be given then and a separate appointment is not necessary.  Please note that children under the age of 9 years who have never received a flu vaccine will require 2 doses, one month apart.

In addition to vaccination, other ways to avoid catching and spreading the flu (and Covid19 and other respiratory illnesses) include: good hand-washing; proper cough hygiene (elbows!), staying home when you are ill, and wearing masks in public when local transmission rates are high.



As we continue to bring our office back to "normal" pre-pandemic functioning, please keep in mind that the pandemic is still ongoing and we will continue to take every precaution necessary to protect our patients, their families and our staff from unnecessary exposure.  The guidelines below are based on a combination of NY State Department of Health regulations, CDC guidelines, and our own doctors' concerns for your safety:

  • All visits are by appointment only; no walk-ins please.
  • All staff will be wearing masks.
  • All caretakers and all children 2 years and older are required to wear masks.
  • Starting in late September 2022, we will start to normalize our scheduling. In other words, sick and well children can be seen in the morning or afternoon.  We are doing our utmost to both keep everyone safe while also trying to accommodate everyone's scheduling preferences.  Therefore, all Covid19-related safety precautions will be taken. We will minimize any use of the waiting rooms as much as possible. Staff and doctors will be wearing masks, as well as all patients (2 and older) and their caretakers. Rooms and equipment are cleaned carefully. Air purifiers continue to be used in each exam room.
  • We ask that, if possible, only one caretaker accompany your child, in order to minimize crowding in our rooms.
  • No caretaker who is ill, who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 10 days, or who is under order to be in quarantine or isolation is permitted to be in the office.
  • We are currently able to perform in-office PCR testing for Covid19 and influenza.  Results are usually available within one hour.  (Please note that certain insurance plans do not cover this testing and require that we send tests out to a commercial lab. Results generally take 1-3 days to return).
  • Please note that as the pandemic and the world around us is constantly changing, we are always striving to make you and your child's experience here as easy and positive as possible.  We hope that you will bear in mind that our doctors and staff are faced with all the same personal, local and governmental pressures facing every person and every business during this continuously unprecedented time, yet will work tirelessly on your behalf.   If we all work together, then we will continue to be strong as a community and a nation.

Please use the links below to search for updated information about Covid19:

NY State Department of Health



TeleMedicine Page

Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be a charge to your insurance company for certain phone calls.